GRADUATIONS at the Alario Center

For more information on each graduations
please contact that school for tickets and admission policies.

  • No balloons or artificial noise makers are allowed.
  • Everyone must pass though metal detectors and all bags must be checked.  Please leave purses and bags in your car if you can, it will make getting in much quicker.  This process takes time so please plan to arrive early.
  • Doors must close 5-10 minutes before each ceremony to allow the procession of graduated to move through the lobby.  PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY!
  • If you are not in the building and seated before the doors close you will have to wait outside until an appropriate time in the ceremony to allow you to enter.
  • Once the ceremony begins please stay seated and be respectful keeping the noise to a minimum so everyone can hear the names of their family members.

May 13th

Patrick Taylor – 9am
Fisher – 12:30pm
Thomas Jefferson – 4pm
Haynes – 7:30pm

May 16th
AOL 7pm

May 19
Higgins – 4pm
Helen Cox – 7:30pm

May 20th
Jefferson Rise Graduation 9am
NOMMA Graduation 4pm

May 21st
University of Holy Cross  Noon

May 23rd
Belle Chasse HS 7pm



May 13 2023 - May 23 2023
Hall A


Hall A
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